Sunday, 20 December 2009


Ok, some work for the Final Major Project now, all is going well, we have a story, characters and backgrounds.....

Here are some character designs of my own; The Judge and The Queen, both important figures in our version of Hell. The final designs (and one for Stacey - the main character) are drawn by the super talented Catherine and more of the design work has been done by the also super talented Charlie (I have no link for him!)

As well as this there's a bit of location drawing and some final background images....also had to show the last image, some concept art by Catherine, it's just awesome.

There's loads of stuff, obviously, that others have done, it's all very exciting, we're looking forward to animating it all!

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tonybednall said...

ha ha nice works, like the perspective, and looking forward to seeing some animation, remember the story is the glue that bonds viewer