Sunday, 5 September 2010


Joe is going to have to forgive me briefly because I've pinched these pics of his blog but I really wanted to post about what we're working on at the moment, but we're not going back into work until Wednesday so I can't get any new pics yet - I will though. I really want people to see the final designs of this short film we're working on for Damien at Picasso Pictures.

It's all in 3D but has been rendered out to look almost 2D with lots of textures and flat linework, I think when it's done it's going to look really great. I'm working on the rendering/compositing part and it's been a really great experience.

Here's what the shots look like when they're first rendered out of 3D Studio Max (my job is basically making it go from this):

...and when they get more of the textures (to this):

(I'm going to get some pictures to give more of an idea when I go back to work but sorry Joe for pinching these for now!)


Ingrid dos Santos said...

Hey, I didnt know you were working for Picasso too! When did that happen? Sounds like fun. DId you guys get a house in London then? Hope all is well! I am in Cali enjoying the sun and endless food options.

Emmie Bednall said...

Hello, yeah, I started working there last week because they needed someone to do the boring jobs! We got a place in Tooting and we all live then go off to work together, ha ha!

I am JEALOUS you're in cali though, England = no sun :(

Are you coming back to London?

Ingrid dos Santos said...

I am coming back late October if all goes as planned. I have eyed out some internships at some pretty awesome companies, but as I am not a citizen it might be easier said than done. Oh, I would love to do a boring job, I feel so lazy for not commencing my career of animation yet. How was Africa?