Tuesday, 10 May 2011


I've been too busy lately - the first news is that teentoday (I may have mentioned them) have moved into and office so now I work from Soho, woo hoo. I'm looking at a pub right now. Other than that I'm still doing bits and pieces for them, including writing the "amazing" mailer that goes out on a Friday. Here's some artwork... haha...

Here's the header for the mailer, it changes every week but generally has the same teentoday style.

We've been going to different events too - photographing it, then sticking this banner across the photos!

As well as that, Mike from the office has gone on tour with mew girlband Oh My, and he's filming everything that happens on the way. This was made for the youtube videos - an ident to go at the start, it has animated elements that run throughout the videos.
Here's a parrot, see...

More photo banners... different this time, it's for the bands official facebook. Woot.

As well as THAT we're still working on some designs for bits and pieces for a teentoday shop, here are One Direction...

...and here's a mouse.

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