Wednesday, 21 March 2012


I've been working with girlband Parade for a while now - made a few things for them, but these are the coolest...

To start with I created some flyers for them to distribute whilst they went on tour with boyband The Wanted

But it was decided that I should actually go on tour with them to help distribute said flyers (and film lots of footage, but more on that later) however this is what mainly happened

ANYWAY, to co-incide with that I create a range of limited edition tshirts for the fans to buy, this is what they looked like

and here's one of the group with the printed tee...

NOT ONLY THAT I made a short video for them to come on stage to every night whilst on tour, it was just edited together, but we seen by many thousands of screaming teenage girls each night, nice.

Not that you can tell what it is from this picture.

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