Friday, 11 May 2012


I wanted to try out a more 'painty' (official term) style of drawing on photoshop, which I guess everyone goes through when they're about 14, but I'm a bit behind. As I generally have some trouble drawing people/faces I thought I'd have a go at that subject. The basis behind these are some really rough sketches I did whilst I was away with Parade - unfortunately they tend to move a million miles a second so I had to draw them in terribly boring poses, however, for this exercise I guess it kinda helped me. 

Here's an initial example

So from there I moved onto photoshop, but I guess they're really static and I'm not sure if I like them, there are some bits I do like obviously and some I don't. Mainly the faces, but I need to keep working at those, here's a couple completed anyway

and the rest I haven't finished...

Stuck on faces...again...think I just prefer them all as rough sketches anyway. No more neat pictures. Ever.

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