Tuesday, 26 March 2013


For christmas I was given a 'make your own pinhole camera' kit and even though I've played with pinhole cameras (well, boxes with holes in) before I've never had one that involves shooting onto actual film instead of photographic paper. It was fun playing with it and not having to set up paper every time, and being able to wind on the film with the feel of an actual camera.

I finally took the photos to be developed the other day and unfortunately was given the prints for free because the man at the counter said there was "nothing on them"... I think he was wrong, what was printed were these crazy, creepy looking landscape photos which I actually really love...

snow and sunsets

The man in boots was actually really helpful (despite saying the film was blank) and gave me loads of old film canisters and old disposable cameras to take apart and use the lenses, flashes and cases to improve my pinhole camera, bless you Phillip.

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Joe Sparrow said...

I really like these, by the way! Might be cool to incorporate into illustrrations.