Monday, 23 September 2013



So, again, I've been busy - finishing up with the second series of Operation Ouch! for CBBC (more about that later), working more for Nickelodeon and doing general other projects one of which is THIS:

A lyric video for the talented Jessica Agombar (once of Parade """fame"""). I got to do whatever I wanted with it and I'm pretty pleased with the results, the patterns came from old indian designs mixed with some traditional chinese but re-created in a modern style. I think it fits the track well.

I also did a little bit of artwork for the track:

Based on the patterns again combined with Jessica's love of these awful flats in Bow where she's from hahaha.

OH AND ALSO it all got featured on popjustice which is a website I go on a lot so I'm pretty pleased about that (for me and her)

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