Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Hello there, not updated for a while SOZ.

Anyway, currently going down is this stuff for Gonzo on MTV, I have to do one animation per episode and there are 8 in total, nice. The first episode was shown last friday, here's the first one on the tele:

That's supposed to be Lindsay Lohan, next week is Madonna and some X Factor stuff after that. Fabulous. The animations are short, no longer than 20 seconds and are based on parts of twitter *eye roll* but incorporating celebrities *eyes roll out of head*

Keep an eye out for them! The show's on at 7pm Fridays on MTV Rocks and repeated at 9pm on MTV...then just repeated forever like most mtv shows (My Super Sweet 16 anyone?).


Ingrid dos Santos said...

Hey, can i see it anywhere? Mtv UK wont let me see it from US...

Emmie Bednall said...

MTV are RUBBISH then, I'll put them all on my website soon!