Wednesday, 24 November 2010



Ok, I've not updated for a while and I'm sorry, let's see what I've been up to.

Back at Picasso this week, the film's looking v'ry nice and has moved on a lot since I last mentioned it. Have a look:

As well as that, Catherine and I are working on some more background designs for Teentoday, here's an example of something, just to make the site more interesting:

AND we're working on some cool t shirt designs (but I won't show you them JUST yet) which are going on the site and going to be ****limited edition**** only 100 available over a certain time. The kids'll go crazy.

This week as well, I'm doing some bits and pieces at a company called in4merz (their website is the most confusing thing ever) and so far have a made a nice little video explaining how the company works...


But I spend my day sat near a huge shelf filled with pop memorabilia dreaming up ways of how to stuff it all up my jumper without being noticed.

Last week of MTV stuff this week as well, I have one more to do...don't think I can rise above last week's though.....

"oh dear".

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