Thursday, 9 February 2012

After finding the fame and hedonistic lifestyle associated with being an under 16 cross-country running champion a little too overwhelming I opted to take an early retirement and pursue a career creating pictures and moving pictures. 

Hello, I am Emmie. I'm a freelance illustrator, animator, popstar stalker and I'm also portable.

I've also dabbled in some video editing and compositing and have done some work for these lovely people:
- MTV2
- Channel 4 (T4)
- Picasso Pictures
- Preloaded
- Nickelodeon
- Hamyard (for CBBC)

Watch my 2012 showreel here:
Showreel Dec 2012 from Emmie Bednall on Vimeo.

Feel free to contact me at: for any enquires or if you want someone to run steadily to get you some lunch. 

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